Get Involved


  1. To join in, you need to live and/or work somewhere in SW Birmingham.
    Whilst COVID-19 restrictions apply, we are asking you to photograph home art – in front gardens, on doors, windows or balconies, walls, shop windows, on signs or notices, in what people wear or do – anything that’s in public view.
  1. To help you decide what to photograph, ask yourself these questions:
    – Has someone made an effort and obviously enjoyed doing it ?
    – Is it imaginative and unexpected, even a bit over the top ?

If your answer is ‘yes’ to both, record what you find and submit a photograph to Artscoop (see below).
Send us as many examples as you can, but we need them by mid-March 2021. 

  1. We will pay £15 for each of photo we select to go in the GALLERY on this HOMEMADEARTS website.
  2. We are also asking you to start thinking about all the home art inside people’s homes, garden sheds or private workplaces.
    COVID-19 restrictions mean it’s very difficult to take photos of this at the moment, but if you can, please send them to us as well. 


  1. For this bit of ‘@HOME’, Artscoop will organise Zoom meetings to sort out how home art can be shared with the world in 2022. We hope some people who actually create home art can join these meetings.
  2. By the end of April, we want to arrive at a proposal that we can develop (if we manage to get funding) for inclusion in the Cultural Programme of the Commonwealth Games in 2022.  


Contact us at telling us you want to join the @HOME team….we’re looking for about 25 to 30 people.
You can then send us photos (same email address) together with details of where and when you took them, and your postal address.
We’ll post you a cheque for photos selected for the GALLERY, so please send them all at once, not one-by one. Then in mid-February, we’ll let you know how you can join in meetings to design a 2022 project.

Hope you can join us in working on this exciting and really different type of local arts project…..