We at ARTSCOOP (who run HOMEMADEARTS.org) want to tell you all about our new @HOME project because we think it’s really exciting.
Between now and the end of March 2021, we want to explore the possibility of South West Birmingham residents showing their ‘home art’  as part of the Cultural Programme of the Commonwealth Games in 2022.
Everyone is creative in some way, and @HOME is all about discovering and sharing what they create.
But what is  ‘home art’ ?
– It’s already there in people’s homes, workplaces or neighbourhoods .
– People make or do creative things simply because they want to
They do this outside the ‘art world’ – for themselves, families, and friends
– All sorts of people from all types of backgrounds create home art
– It’s ‘out-of the box’: imaginative, fun, and sometimes irreverent or provocative.

The GALLERY on this website shows you a few this  examples of ‘home art’, but it can take all sorts of other forms. 

We want to show the world that Birmingham’s historic reputation as a democratically creative city is alive and well today by highlighting home art from SW Birmingham during the Commonwealth Games.  

BUT, we think people themselves should decide, firstly, what they think home art is, and secondly how they feel it should be shared in 2022.
So OK, @HOME is our idea, but we can’t do it without you, so this an open invitation to join in.